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Apple AirPlay and Homekit do not work

I have a Roku Streaming Stick+, 3810W.  I have not been able to get Apple AirPlay or HomeKit to work since I purchased the device in late December, 2020.  I have contacted support via chat on 3 occasions, each time being told I would be contacted back in 2-3 days with a resolution.  I have never been contacted back.  I use Spectrum as my ISP.  I have tried with several Apple devices to add to Home with no luck.  I have also tried to stream with several Apple devices with the device never showing up.  I have read SEVERAL other posts with people having the same issue.  Is Roku going to acknowledge there is an issue? Rather than having many people waste their time, post that there is an issue or follow-up if you say you will and help the customer out.

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Re: Apple AirPlay and Homekit do not work

Roku page re Airplay 2:

Helpful forum post re getting Airplay to work:

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Re: Apple AirPlay and Homekit do not work

Agreed....  I've just purchased a Roku Premiere because of Channel availability issues with AppleTV as of recent.  Channel availability is great, but consistently having issues with Airplay from iPhone or iPad.  It will initially  connect via Airplay and play for awhile, but then disconnects constantly.  This happens from both an iPhone and/or iPad.  I am on the exact same TV and Wireless Network as the AppleTV.  I find myself having to go back to the AppleTV if I want to Airplay.  The AppleTV does not drop the Airplay (ever).  This leads me to believe that the Roku is not consistent nor a good device for Airplay, but I'm open to suggestions on what I can do to alleviate this issue if I'm doing something wrong.  Appreciate any input.

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Re: Apple AirPlay and Homekit do not work

Thank you for your reply, however, these fixes do not work.  I have tried them all and contacted Roku on several occasions.  I believe there is another issue at play that is not getting acknowledged, and unfortunately, the Roku support team is extremely lacking in actual support.

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Re: Apple AirPlay and Homekit do not work

I agree with you.  I wish I had an answer.  I am having the same issue.  Roku team seems uninterested on this and other issues.  Airplay worked fine until this “HomeKit” was added.  Since then it is useless.  They put a QR code up to link the phone and the phone says No Useful Data Found.  Roku’s response to inquiry....silence.

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Re: Apple AirPlay and Homekit do not work

Same issues... new Roju Stream Bar.. version of software is 9.4.6 - Build: 4013-95.

Keep getting video unsupported format message...Videos work fine on iPhone and on Apple TV Plus direct, just not via Roku

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Re: Apple AirPlay not working suddenly


I’m having problems streaming Apple Music from my iPhone 8+ using Roku Premier + model #4630X  

It was working fine but all of a sudden when I hit Airdrop from my phone, Roku is no longer an option.

My iPhone is using the most recent version (14.4) & both devices are connected to the same network. Also, I restarted my phone & Roku but phone is still missing the Roku option.