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Any Roku Model that will kill video output instead of screensaver?

Hello all, thanks for the help.
Owner of a new Ultra here.

If I am reading correctly the 4 will auto power itself off after 30 minutes which would of course kill the video output, but is there any model that will turn off video output but keep the device running? 

Essentially a "screensaver" timeout interval but instead of displaying a screensaver, it just kills the HDMI output signal & pressing a button on the remote brings it back.

Thanks again for any thought or input. 

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Re: Any Roku Model that will kill video output instead of screensaver?

I don't believe any Roku can do so. What is your desired reason for no video output? To reduce power consumption by the Roku, or to put a display into sleep mode for the same purpose? The Roku consumes so little power that it really doesn't make much of an impact. And while computer monitors will go to sleep I'm not aware of any TV that will sleep the display. They might power off, and then CEC could turn it back on when the Roku remote button is pressed. But it's likely correct that the Roku screensaver won't allow that to happen. 
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Re: Any Roku Model that will kill video output instead of screensaver?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply. The HDMI signal cut would be initiate an auto shutdown of the viewing device. The Dell monitor and the two Samsung TVs that I would like to add Rokus to all have an auto off feature when there is no signal supplied. 

Currently they are being fed by PCs and the auto shutdown feature is a big part of our usage and workflow. 

Thanks again for your help. 
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