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Help configuring Roku device settings, using Roku OS features such as screen mirroring, adjusting display type and audio settings, using Guest Mode, and assistance with software updates.
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Airplay on Roku Ultra is garbage and broken...

Exactly what the title says. The Airplay feature is a joke and complete garbage. I specifically bought the Roku Ultra for the 4k HDR features as well as the Airplay connectivity and have yet to find a way to get the Airplay to work AT ALL.

Settings in unit have been set to every possible option and Airplay will NOT work. Setting for "One time only pin"... ok, well WTF is the PIN??? Nothing anywhere gives me the numerical digits/characters for the "PIN"... Setting it to "always use pin" is same issue... WHERE THE **bleep** IS THE PIN, AND WHERE CAN I SEE IT/SET IT/CHANGE IT???

Setting the unit to "Password" doesn't work at all... Roku is seen as a device, but no attempts to connect to it using a password works. no prompt's on any device used for "password" input...

Even apple's own itunes sees the Roku Ultra as an airplay device, but, it has a padlock next to it and will not connect to it to use audio or stream video...

I have even loaded up Airparrot 3.1.2, which connects to EVERYTHING I have tried it on and works, but it too WILL NOT CONNECT to the Roku ultra... results in an error every time, even though it sees it as a valid Airplay device on the network, just like everything else.

For the record, I have exchanged the Roku Ultra 3 times now to rule out it being a hardware defect... so WTF???

WTF is the feature there for if IT DOESN'T work with any devices (INCLUDING the ones in Roku's own "SUPPORTED" list...)? WHY do I need to set a pin or password to stream to my own device from another???? THIS I believe is the core issue behind the problem...

Is this another money grab by apple/Roku by locking the protocol to specific devices? I have a DENON receiver that is "Airplay" capable, and it requires no pin or password to utilize it... and it works for EVERY device I have ever tried connecting to it. (albeit only audio, BUT, it does what it is SUPPOSED too!)

This needs to be fixed... In its current form, AIRPLAY on the ROKU ULTRA is broken and completely unusable for its intended purpose and useless. NO REASON to need a PIN (that is nowhere available to see or change) or PASSWORD to connect to something on my own PERSONAL WIRED network. If I have to go out and buy a brand new "macbook pro" just to use the "Airplay" feature on this, then you can go F yourselves... and i will dump this garbage in the nearest bin and spend my money elsewhere; where people actually get working products...

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Level 7

Re: Airplay on Roku Ultra is garbage and broken...

Having the exact same problems. Tried everything to connect. Finally found my problem....I am still using Mac OS High Sierra due to a program that I have to have for work....High Sierra will NOT work with Roku Airplay. This is ridiculous that is was NEVER mentioned anywhere BEFORE I bought the Roku Ultra.

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