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Airplay not working on Roku TV 7105X TCL 55S405

We are currently unable to connect to AirPlay via our TCL 55S405 Roku TV  7105X. According to the support articleHow do I use AirPlay and HomeKit with my Roku® streaming device? | Official Roku Support, we should be running Version 9.4 or higher. We are running 10.0.0 build 4195-30.

We are unable to locate the TV when utilizing screen mirroring on any Apple devices. When attempting to add the device to HomeKit, the QR code can be effectively scanned, but we receive the notification that it is unable to connect.

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Re: Airplay not working on Roku TV 7105X TCL 55S405

This appears to be a recurring issue with the AirPlay2 support, however:

1) Verify you have the latest AirPlay support:

A) Settings/Apple AirPlay and HomeKit should exist - if it doesnt go to C and message @RokuDanny-R 
B) Using remote: Home 3x, Up 2x, L, R, L, R, L (AirPlay should be 1.1.14-104 or later)
C) Settings/System/System update/Check now (should be 10.0.0-4195 or later) - try again

2) Disable & Re-enable WiFi on the Apple devices - try again

3) Restart all devices (Rokus, Apples, router/modem) - try again

4) Reset the paired devices: Settings/Apple Airplay and HomeKit/Require Code/Reset Paired Devices - try again

5) Setup HomeKit: Settings/Apple Airplay and HomeKit/Setup HomeKit - try again

6) Switch either Rokus or Apples from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz, or from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz - try again

7) Switch Roku's display output to 1080p - try again