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Airplay: Attempting to Airplay any app will always open AT&T TV

When I attempt to Aircast with any app (Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video) - Roku Premiere will always open the AT&T TV app and play live TV. This is not the right app nor the right content. 

When I try to connect through the settings. When I select Airplay/Homekit. I just see a blackscreen that says airplay. When I look at my iphone, i am asked to enter a code, but no code ever appears on the TV. It is just the airplay title screen.


Can you please help?


Note - I can Chromecast from my Peloton to the Roku perfectly so it is not a receiver issue. 



Device - Roku Premiere - 4620x

Software - 9.4.0 - 4210-29

Wifi - Device and Phone are on the same wifi

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Re: Airplay: Attempting to Airplay any app will always open AT&T TV

1) Roku supports Miracast and AirPlay2 for screen mirroring - not GoogleCast (ChromeCast) - your Peleton was/is connecting via Miracast (Settings/System/Screen mirroring)

2) From your overall described AirPlay behavior/symptoms, it seems as if AirPlay was not properly installed/updated to your Premiere.

Try these in order:

1) Restart your Roku:  Settings/System/System restart

2) Reset network connection:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Network connection reset (you'll need to re-setup your Roku's WiFi connection if used)

3) Factory reset:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Factory reset (you'll need to reconfigure your Roku, including potentially re-activating/re-authenticating all apps)

If none of those work, and/or you want to avoid a factory reset, message @RokuDanny-R  with your account email/device model #/device serial #/device ID #/country and a brief description of the problem, and he should be able to help you further