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About AppDialog beacons


I am about to add AppDialog beacons on my app according to this doc:

And I have these 2 questions:

1- My app has an onboarding screen before the home screen. It is skipped if there is an active session. 
Can I simply signal the AppDialogInitiate beacon in the onboarding screen and AppDialogComplete on the init method of my home screen?

I mean, can I simply send a complete beacon always on the home screen? Or is it my responsability to add a flag on the app to make sure I always send a pair of them?

2- These AppDialog beacons were introduced in Roku OS 9.3 (AppLaunchComplete beacon in 9.1).

Do I need to check the version before sending? Or can I simply send them and Roku takes care?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: About AppDialog beacons

You posted in the wrong forum - you want the developer forum: