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Re: A few things missing......

@fuzzbean, thanks for being more rational than I was.  I shouldn't post late at night.  :-)  Let's go back to the beginning.  It's easy for Roku's poor website to get confused when you create your account.  It happens a lot with people in the UK.  I suspect if the website comes up in English then there's no reason to suspect it got the country wrong and you end up with a US account.  That can really mess things up if you're not in the US.  Unfortunately, the only way I know to fix the problem (and I don't know if there's even a definitive way to know if it is the problem) is to start all over - factory reset your device, close your Roku account, and create a new account.

Even now as I try to duplicate the steps to create a new account I don't always see the "Language Selector" at the bottom of the screen which is the only indicator I know of for your account's country.  When you try to create your account I think if you go to you'll see the "Language Selector" at the bottom with the Canadian flag next to it.  Without the "Language Selector" showing at the bottom of the page I don't know how you'd know that it thinks you're somewhere else.

I know it's painful to go through all of this again and absolutely shouldn't be necessary, but Roku seems to not be able to fix account issues and all I've ever seen here is the "factory reset" suggestion.  After more than a decade of dealing with Roku I've found it's far easier to fix problems on my own without trying to get their "support" involved.

I don't know about the Search issue.  I know it's only available in a few countries, but I can never remember which ones.  The account problem may have something to do with it.

I'm sure they edit my posts all the time, but I've never looked to see.  I'm probably one of their harshest critics; I keep expecting them to throw me off of here.  Smiley Happy

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Re: A few things missing......

@renojim  I will do a full factory reset and start over with a new account and such.  It's not upsetting to do,  it's inconvenient and a pain and shouldn't be happening at all.  I'll try what you suggested and if that doesn't work, I'll have to move on to another brand.  I guess they don't want people' money - I don't know.  

Your response felt as though someone was actually trying to help and figure out the problem, unlike Roku with their generic copy/paste responses they give to everyone. It just feels like they don't care and don't want to engage the cutomer or be involved with the problem.  You have help more (whether or not it works, doesn't matter) with one post than Roku has at all.   

Tsk Tsk Roku.  

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