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65 inch TV has problems after 10.5 software update

Reading that ROKU has problems with  4xxx and 7xxx model TVS after the 10.5 update..  My 65 inch has problem also starting yesterday.  You choose the ROKU app, get a list of 100 movies and showes.. pick one one and try to LOAD... Nothing.. Does that repeated... TUBI, DISNEY, DIscovery, Dish TV... ALL OK... Just started this last couple days..... Want to inform them it is NOT just the 4000 and 7000 series... This is a 3 month old 65 inch with problems.

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Re: 65 inch TV has problems after 10.5 software update

It's a lot more models than they are admitting openly. My model is different as are many others after researching this. Roku broke who knows how many of their products with a bad firmware update weeks/months ago (depending on model) and so far are not rolling back affected broken sets. Signal strength is botched causing ota TV hard to watch, the in set program guide no longer populates any data, Disney+ and paramount+ (paid services) are broken for many of us. Rolling back firmware fixed these issues for all of us but the units update themselves back to broken firmware. 15 pages and counting of complaints for over a month and no answers from anyone, mods hands are clearly tied, nobody has the power or the will to address the massive problem. If you want to literally have months of broken products out of every year, this is the company for you! 

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Re: 65 inch TV has problems after 10.5 software update

How hard can it be to eliminate 10.5 and update all systems to the original 10.0 software ???  Seems like that could be done in 1 DAY !   What are they waiting for ?