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3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku needs a new stick?

I have a mini "3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku" (see here: ) and the Roku stick is too old and apparently Roku has stopped supporting it.

I want to get a replacement stick for it but the ones available on the site are not the same as the one I have in it. The one it came with has no power outlet, it's simply a stick. I can see that the one on the site now has to be plugged in.

Will that work in this projector without being plugged in? 

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Re: 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku needs a new stick?

Per the link you provided, that projector uses MHL (Mobile High-definition LInk) technology to provide power via a special MHL-empowered HDMI port. 

The Roku 3400 and 3420 Streaming Sticks from 2012 were the only Roku models that used this MHL capability and so did not require a separate power cord.  These models have been long discontinued and are no longer available.

MHL never really caught on, though, and is rare or non-existant on current tv models so this capability has been dropped from Rokus in recent years. Now Rokus are powered via separate USB cords plugged into a suitable USB port on the tv or (preferred method) into a supplied power adaptor plugged into household current.

From what I've been able to gather on the net, if you have a device with a MHL/HDMI hybrid port a standard HDMI device should still be able to connect, but you'll have to power it separately.  But I have not been able to find any references that definitively state it will work.  I'd suggest buying a current Roku Streaming Stick+ from a vendor with a liberal return policy (e.g. Wal-Mart) in case it doesn't work with your MHL port.  Please report back to help us all learn the answer to your question.

By the way, when linking your new Roku:

IMPORTANT! When linking your device you are directed to go to Type this in very carefully and verify that you actually do go there. Otherwise you can end up at a scammer's fake Roku site. If you end up at ANY site not on (other than the that you'll get redirected to), back out and try again.

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Re: 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku needs a new stick?


I purchased that same 3M Streaming Projector Powered by Roku back in 2013 and recently I purchased a Roku Streambar and connected it to the 3M projector via HDMI cable (unplug the Roku Stick behind the cover of the projector.

Works fine, plays media and great sound through the Streambar. Projector is perfect for bedroom or kids room with a large flat white wall. I'm not too concerned about the resolution and looks fine for casual watching as the projector runs at 800 x 480 resolution, so only standard definition.

My only issue to date is that I cannot power off the 3M projector with the Roku Streambar remote.


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