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2 questions about the new Roku Express 4K+

Question #1:  Images of the back of the Roku Express 4K+ (available to pre-order now for $39.99) show it has an HDMI port, a micro-USB port, and a reset button.  Its description says it comes with an HDMI cable, but no mention of an AC power cord.  What provides electricity to run this new model?

Question #2:  What does the $49.99 Roku Streaming Stick + have that the $39.99 Roku Express 4K+ doesn't have?  Is the higher-priced model better in some way(s)?

Thank you in advance to all Roku Community members who take the time to answer and enlighten me! 

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Re: 2 questions about the new Roku Express 4K+

The USB port is where the power comes from. The Streaming Stick power cord is micro USB also.

Differences other than form factor? The WiFi range on the Stick+ is better. That's it. Just those two.

The Express 4K+ is essentially replacing the Premiere in the lineup (unless they re-introduce it).

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