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Level 7

where is usbplayer application?

Hello everyone,

I did a couple of searches in the SDK, around the forum, and using Google, but cannot find the sample application: usbplayer. Where can I find this sample application?

I'm hoping to look at the sample to solve an error that I'm getting.

In case anyone has came across this, does anything know why I'm getting the following error message in the console?
BRIGHTSCRIPT: ERROR: roFilesystem: no plugin instance available:

The error happens on calling getVolumeList() below:
function createVolumeContentNode()
  fs = createObject("roFileSystem")
  volumesList = []
  for each vol in fs.getVolumeList()
    kv0 = CreateObject("roAssociativeArray")
    kv0.AddReplace("TITLE", vol)
  end for
  return createContentNode(volumesList)
end function

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Level 10

Re: where is usbplayer application? ... ree/trunk/
Click on "Download Snapshot" and the code is in there for usbplayer.
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Level 7

Re: where is usbplayer application?

Thanks! THERE IT IS! Smiley Happy
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