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Level 7

video.observeField("streamInfo.measuredBItrate", "onFieldChange")

Following code didn't work for me, I wanted to receive call back only when streamBitrate changes

video.observeField("streamInfo.measuredBItrate", "onFieldChange")

I suspect DIY is the right solution.

-- Regards
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Level 11

Re: video.observeField("streamInfo.measuredBItrate", "onFieldChange")

Ah? What makes you think you can put a contract on a "sub-field" of a node field?

IMHO, the best that one can do is `rsgVideo.observeField("streaminfo", ...)` - though i am not sure if that will ever fire.

Does RSG ever call observers that listen on "read-only" fields?? (Now that's a good question, on the exact meaning of "read-only")
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