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upload zip with screen saver active causes lockup

I think I remember a time when the screen saver could be in use and you could upload zips and the Roku would wake up and start your package. Now it seems when the screen saver is running and you upload a zip it just locks up the Roku on a black screen. I then reboot the Roku go to upload the same zip I did before and it says its the same already there. So it does get to the Roku and install the zip but it doesn't launch the app. When the screen saver is running and you upload zip you just get the black screen not your app starting. It didn't use to be this way. Can this be fixed? It is a minor inconvenience and slows down development at times. I love the screen saver so don't ask me to disable it while developing. I want to watch the aquarium fish swim around at times too. Thanks. 🙂
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Re: upload zip with screen saver active causes lockup

I was getting lock-ups and/or reboots (I think it started with fw v8.x or v9.x), so I used to try to remember to press Home on the remote a couple of times before uploading.  I finally just added a few ECP key presses to my Windows batch file I use to upload.  I think I still get occasional reboots on uploading, but not nearly as many.
curl -d ''
curl -d ''
curl -d ''

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