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transaction-service.svc/validate-transaction API returns cancelled as true after succesful rental purchase

There is a One-Time Purchase, Consumable quantity product set for renting an a video asset.
On purchasing the product from the app, the purchase is successful and I get the transactionId from the Roku store back.
On trying to validate the transaction using the "transaction-service.svc/validate-transaction"  API, I get a response with cancelled param as true. Not sure why this is seen even after a successful purchase of the product.

Response of "transaction-service.svc/validate-transaction" API :

<result xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
    <errorCode i:nil="true" xmlns=""/>
    <errorDetails i:nil="true" xmlns=""/>
    <errorMessage xmlns=""/>
    <status xmlns="">Success</status>
    <channelName> (censored) </channelName>
    <couponCode i:nil="true"/>
    <expirationDate i:nil="true"/>
    <partnerReferenceId i:nil="true"/>
    <productName>Standard Rental</productName>
    <rokuCustomerId> (censored) </rokuCustomerId>

Can anyone let me know why the Cancelled param is returning true ? 
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