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Level 7

suggestion for v30/bslCore.brs library

It would be great if the bslCore.brs library had a built-in method for decoding html entities like & or numeric entities like <. If a developer is using a xml feed to generate their channel's contents then it will most likely contain a few html entities. As far as I know there isn't a way to decode those entities using a native BrightScript function or library. You can use this script to decode any html entity including hex entities. Any chance that a similar set of functions could be included in a future version of the bslCore library?
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Level 9

Re: suggestion for v30/bslCore.brs library

I know this is old, but I am looking for that linked file, because I also need to convert HTML entities.
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Level 11

Re: suggestion for v30/bslCore.brs library

This has already been answered by the addition of roXmlElement component to the API.
If you have a corner case, please consider the two ideas from this thread you also woke up from five-year slumber 🙂
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