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questions on channel updating

I'm new here please dont flame me, I want to start developing my own channel but what I'm unsure of a few things after I have read all the roku FAQs and other PDF files. But what I wanted to know is that the channel I want to make will show primetime TV shows from a website. My questions are :

The shows I want to put update every week, so for the show to show up on the the channel do I have to update the channel myself with url's, HD/SD posters etc every week? Or will the channel after its developed do it automatically?

And once the channel is developed and made I'm not going to have to use my PC right? Since the all the TV shows etc is streaming directly for a website.

Lastly imstrarting from scratch I've downloaded the SDK kit and I've registered for the development account on roku does anyone have any tips on how to make this as ez as possible for a first timer? Thanks
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Re: questions on channel updating

"salsanegra" wrote:
I want to make will show primetime TV shows from a website.

Before addressing all your questions do you have rights to redistribute the primetime content? Just because the videos are hosted on a website does not give you the right redistribute the content with Roku.
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