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purchaseId behavior on monthly renewal

I'm implement SVOD for a client and trying to find out the behavior of the getPurchases call when a subscription renews.  Here's what I currently see.

"code": "",
"cost": "$0.99",
"expirationDate": "2017-04-27T01:47:23",
"freeTrialQuantity": 0,
"freeTrialType": "None",
"name": "My Channel Monthly Subscription",
"productType": "MonthlySub",
"purchaseDate": "2017-03-27T01:47:23",
"purchaseId": "257BE753-6BCB-4965-B948-5BE81DC3AE7D",
"qty": 1,
"renewalDate": "2017-04-27T01:47:23"

When the expiration date is hit, assuming the subscription is not cancelled, does getPurchases call still return a single item, but with a different purchaseId?
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