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Roku Guru

load content for individual rowlist

load the category and when loading continue for the other

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Roku Guru

Re: load content for individual rowlist

Add a property to each row of content: state - it's a string it can be none, loading, loaded, failed.
Make arrays: loadingtasks, pending takes and an integer maxLoading
Observe the rowlist currfocus property. When it gets past a row, check the state of the row
If none, then create a task for it.
Attach the row to the task, or a the index of the row being loaded or keep it in a dictionary with the index or Id of the row. Do not start it yet.
If loading tasks array is full (has more tasks than maxLoading), push the task to pending takes array. otherwise push it to loading tasks array and start it.
Observe the tasks output
When the task finishes it has the rowindex of the loaded row. Update it.
Check if you have more tasks to load in pending tasks. If so load one.

This is easy to do with the functions: createTaskForRow(row), startTask(task), getNextPendingTask(), onTaskComplete(). I would make this code generic,
so you can use it on any screen. Personally i like to make rows nodes a bit richer, and have code for them with functions: isLoadRequired(),
and receiveItems()receiveItems is really handy because it can be used to replace loading placeholders with real items and / append more for load more.

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