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isRequestFailed() GetInfo()

I'm trying to troubleshoot some HLS video errors on Roku.  When roVideoPlayerEvent isRequestFailed() is true, GetMessage() is giving things such as:
"The format is not supported or the media is corrupt."
"malformed data"
"An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has been detected."
(fwiw the video server people say they're not seeing any errors and everything looks fine on that side)

I tried to output the GetInfo() object, which I thought would have an array including the url that caused the problem, however, GetInfo() is sometimes returning invalid and other times returning an associative array with one element,  MediaFormat: <Component: roAssociativeArray>
which is itself an empty associative array.  Am I doing it wrong or is there something wrong with roVideoPlayerEvent GetInfo()?

Joe ... layerEvent
isRequestFailed() as Boolean
GetInfo() as Object
Returns an AssociativeArray containing the same members as in isStreamStarted except IsUnderrun.
Returns an Associative Array containing these members:
Url URL of video stream
StreamBitrate average bitrate of stream, in bits per second
MeasuredBitrate measured network bandwidth in kibibits per second, used to select stream
IsUnderrun true if this is a rebuffer due to an underrun
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