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how much internal Storage have a Roku device

i have some query:
(1) how much internel memory have roku device? from where i can get information about internal storage of a individul device(especially roku2 device) .?

(2)As i am storing some images it's temp directory, and then animating these images. on click on different option(different button) images coming a/c to options, i am storing these images in temp and then animate these one by one, which is working good but when i am switching on options frequently i mean pressing button ->images coming->storing in temp->animate one by one..
 bitMap=createobject("roBitmap", images coming here which are stored in temp)

after some time bitMap is giving invalid(not creating bitmap)
i am not understanding if images are coming here why its not creating it storage problem.
one more thing each time i am creating directory and delete it on each call(during download new images).
m.LocalFileBrowser = CreateObject("roFileSystem")
TmpFile_directory = m.LocalFileBrowser.Exists("tmp:/OverlayImages")

isDirectoryDeleted = m.LocalFileBrowser.Delete("tmp:/OverlayImages")
End if

i am storing images under OverlayImages directory.
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Binge Watcher

Re: how much internal Storage have a Roku device

Invalid bitmap usually means you have run out of graphics memory, not out of tmp space. Unload some bitmaps and call swapbuffers() or finish() to release the space.

- Joel
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Re: how much internal Storage have a Roku device

i have used both swapbuffers() or finish() but same problem is coming. as u suggested "Unload some bitmaps":----- i am recreating directory after deleting it, it means whole images delete stored under directory.

it is working in starting good but as i am navigating more(each time getting overlay images for different option ) and more then this problm occur.
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