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home screen icon won't update

Hi -

I was going to post this question but now it's more of a bug report, since I got it to update.

I updated my focus images and could see the new image on my dev channel. Once I packaged and published the channel as v 1.22, the home screen icon of the live channel just would not update to the new one, even after removing / re-adding the channel.

Today I noticed that the channels Details page still shows v 1.20 so I repackaged the channel as v2.0, published it and the home screen icon updated shortly thereafter.

I guess it's related to the version limitation at 20

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Re: home screen icon won't update

I've noticed this, but for me, just waiting a bit seems to do the trick. I assumed it was just cached somewhere. Used to have that issue in windows a few years back.
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