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cant seem to set up my roku sd box to start... help...

hello, i have everything hooked up, and can get to the window on my tv where i have to enter the security code... i entered my security password that i use for my wireless router... the next window that pops up is... "cant connect to your local network" i dont know where to go from there... i have called every support available, twc, belkin, netflix, ... except roku.... is not open today... please let me know what i have to do to get this thing started...
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Level 9

Re: cant seem to set up my roku sd box to start... help...

First, try running network setup using another device to confirm you know the correct wireless connection info.

I would then try going through the wireless network setup on the Roku box again.

This time, try selecting "Not Shown" on the wireless network page, and then "Enter wireless network name (SSID) manually".
Follow the screens and enter the rest of your info.

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