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appId for a not-yet-published channel?

I am publishing a channel that works with a companion iOS app - among other things, the iOS app needs to use the channel's appId to facilitate installing/launching the channel (see the External Control Guide here:

Here's the twist: I need the channel's appId before I can submit a complete iOS app to Apple for review, but I found no way to get the appId info for a channel that is not yet public (I submitted the channel to Roku for review - but it is not yet public).

I tentatively side-loaded my channel via[mychannelcode], and queried my Roku device for installed channels (see below for query results). However instead of getting a Integer as is standard for appId, I got "93580_4d63" - which I figure is probably an interim appId, not the actual appId of the channel after it becomes public.

<app id="31012" type="menu" version="1.6.3">Movie Store and TV Store</app>
<app id="31863" type="menu" version="1.2.6">Roku Home News</app>
<app id="12" type="appl" version="4.2.132">Netflix</app>
<app id="69091" type="appl" version="2.0.4">4k Ultra HD Spotlight</app>
<app id="43594" type="appl" version="1.3.60">Cinema Now</app>
<app id="46041" type="appl" version="4.4.47">Sling TV</app>
<app id="8838" type="appl" version="1.4.1920">Showtime</app>
<app id="61322" type="appl" version="1.4.2016051200">HBO NOW</app>
<app id="13" type="appl" version="5.17.9">Amazon Video</app>
<app id="13842" type="appl" version="1.3.19">VUDU</app>
<app id="2285" type="appl" version="4.1.30">Hulu</app>
<app id="50025" type="appl" version="1.5.25">Play Movies</app>
<app id="19264" type="appl" version="1.1.0">OVGuide</app>
<app id="41468" type="appl" version="1.3.1">Tubi TV</app>
<app id="6119" type="appl" version="1.8.0">Popcornflix</app>
<app id="2213" type="appl" version="4.1.1514">Roku Media Player</app>
<app id="1523_05cb" type="appl" version="2.0.4">Nowhere Archive</app>
<app id="54000" type="appl" version="1.1.4">BloombergTV</app>
<app id="47545" type="appl" version="1.1.0">Firefox</app>
<app id="4070" type="appl" version="4.0.6">TED</app>
<app id="93580_4d63" type="appl" version="1.0.0">[THIS IS MY SIDE-LOADED CHANNEL]</app>
<app id="dev" type="appl" version="1.0.0">[THIS IS MY DEV CHANNEL]</app>

Is there any way I can figure out the appId of the channel BEFORE it becomes public?
Channel Surfer

Re: appId for a not-yet-published channel?

93580 is your app ID. This should be the same ID you see in the URL when you're viewing the channel properties. The suffix will go away after the channel is published.
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Roku Guru

Re: appId for a not-yet-published channel?

Confirming (if there was any doubt).

Amusingly dev.portal does not show you direct the channel#, the most important property there is (it'd be the "table primary key" in SQL parlance). But if check the URL when on your channel details, it will be something like
in which "12345" will be the channel ID#.

Btw @tifroz: kudos on the research and describing well the issue!
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Streaming Star

Re: appId for a not-yet-published channel?

Thanks both the help: compared to other platforms, this forum is refreshingly helpful! 😄
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