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Where can I find a current list of private channels?

I stumbled upon a private channel called Totally free with lots of movies, tv shows etc. This channel should be in the public channel listing. I would like to find more like this one. This channel is an example of what I like about roku and why I cancelled my dish network account.
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Re: Where can I find a current list of private channels?

some lists are outdated... some not... here's a few I've found online. ... %26tbl%3D1 ... s/Flixster ... -channels/ ... nnel-Codes

instructions for starting a channel... ... el-part-3/

You can also look at the blog posts I put in my sig, but that's some somewhat personal stuff and strays very far off topic from just listing channels, lol.

Also, noknok has a different code then it did originally. go visit if you want in on that - admin over there is slow replying these days for some reason though. What's nice about noknok is it lets you add a lot of customization type stuff in, which most channels have not done so far, but likely might in the near future. I personally loaded just about every rss feed that the playon plugin community had over there in nok nok a few weeks ago, so there's a lot of feeds, but they some don't work, are outdated, etc. Playon community was pretty quite for the last 2 years or so -- was big when wii first came out so folks could get hulu on wii... but then died off a bit, and only now is starting to come back since the roku is going main stream and folks with playon premium can sort of do stuff similar to that. Supposedly noknok can do that sort of stuff to as well as a lot of other dlna type stuff, but I haven't tested much of that since I'm not up to speed on all of that like a lot of folks are.

The itunes channel is cool as heck, but I suspect if there's no official agreement with apple, apple might make it stop eventually? It's always nice to find at least two channels with the same content in case one of the channels go sour and go offline or something. -channel lists/tools -fta -linear channels
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