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Web Service API documentation?


I'm trying to integrate with the Validate Transaction Web Service, but the documentation ( ... ransaction) seems to be completely outdated and/or wrong.

Here's what the docs say I should get (in XML format):

  <productName>123Video Monthly Subscription</productName>
Here's what I actually get (in JSON format, anonymized):
    "errorCode": null,
    "errorDetails": null,
    "errorMessage": "",
    "status": 0,
    "amount": 0.0000,
    "cancelled": false,
    "channelId": 123456,
    "channelName": "My Company SSO",
    "couponCode": null,
    "currency": "usd",
    "expirationDate": "/Date(1546663531000+0000)/",
    "isEntitled": true,
    "originalPurchaseDate": "/Date(1544071531000+0000)/",
    "partnerReferenceId": null,
    "productId": "",
    "productName": "My Company ",
    "purchaseDate": "/Date(1544071531000+0000)/",
    "quantity": 1,
    "rokuCustomerId": "79b7450044bb5759820db6b108cf7756",
    "tax": 0.0000,
    "total": 0.0000,
    "transactionId": "5fa8d33c-c7b9-4b15-a51a-a9ae004e6b71"

As you can see they're very different. Different fields, formats, etc. 
Is there ANY new documentation available for Web Service API that I can rely on? Any hints at all as to what to expect for the various fields?
thanks, Rickard

Re: Web Service API documentation?

Did you find any documentation? I have the same problem.

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