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Video retrieval problem on 4k players

We seem to have identified a few Video Files where trying to Direct Play them on some of the newer Roku devices results in the "Retrieving" process hanging.  I can reproduce this problem on our own app, as well as another well known app from the store.  However the same files play fine on the same app versions on an older device.

The devices that the Video Files fail on (that we've been able to test) are:

  • ROKU Premiere 4K
  • ROKU Streaming Stick+ 4K
  • ROKU Ultra

The older device I've been able to test with that works fine is:

  • ROKU LT (2013)

The video files we've identified this problem in all use 6 channel FLAC Audio Streams, but we also have samples of video files showing exactly the same Audio Channel information that work fine.

From what we can see, when then Video Player starts, the data begins to be retrieved, but some point it just stops, and the bar no longer moves.  No error is generated from the Video Node and the Buffered Percentage value does not increase.

Since we can reproduce it in our own app, and also another well known app in the store, plus the same app version works fine on the Roku LT I'm thinking it's a problem with the OS rather than the apps.

Has anyone else come across this, or have any ideas what to try?

Binge Watcher

Re: Video retrieval problem on 4k players

I'm experiencing a similar issue with playing HLS m3u8 streams. Videos that once played just fine, all running the same code as before, now don't on my Roku Ultra (whereas they still play just fine, again with the same code, on an older Roku 3 that I had lying around).

I'm not too sure about said videos' audio formats, but I experience almost the same issue you described -- it hangs on "retreiving" for a nearly indefinite period of time if I try to stream a video in 1080p. Once it eventually does start, it's audio-only, and only for a few moments before it begins to buffer/load yet again. Lower resolutions will eventually play after a while, but said wait time is ridiculous, being as long, if not longer, than the video itself. 

I also get no errors, even when it seems to hang indefinitely (the longest period I waited was about 10m). 

No clue as to what to do to resolve the issue, but if you happen to find a solution (or receive official feedback), I'd love to hear about it.

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