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Use of PinDialog in URL

Hello.  I apologize as this may seem to be a very basic request, but I can't find anything that would tell me how to get it to work.

We have a simple private Roku Channel that connects to an internet stream we originate for meetings.  The pin code used for entering is part of the URL, and for our standard meetings the pin stays the same and it is embodied as part of the URL in the XML file, no issues.

However, for special meetings we want to be able to change the PIN.  Everything about the URL's stay the exact same except for the PIN (RTSP Stream), it will call a different folder.

What code should I use in PinDialog to call up a screen, enter a 4 digit PIN, and then place this PIN as part of the URL to call the private stream?

ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated, def a Noob question I know.
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Re: Use of PinDialog in URL

Anyone ? Smiley Happy Thanks for any help you can provide.  Even just pointing me to some documentation?  I've scoured the web....
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Use of PinDialog in URL

Your question may be too vague for anyone to offer specific help.

With respect to documentation, there is:

Random web search also shows:
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