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Two new channels in the "Channel Store"

"Moonlight Movies" and "Drive-In Classics"

Info for both can be found at

"Moonlight Movies"
Travel back in time to the golden age of television and cinema with this ever changing lineup of classic movies and TV programming from the 1930's to the 1970's.

There is no need to adjust your television......believe it or not......films were once black and white......Televisions had no remote control.....and there were only three stations that went off the air at midnight.

We promise you will not have to adjust the rabbit ears, and we will only play the star spangled banner when they turn the internet off.

Movies staring Buster Keaton, Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Glen Ford, Moira Lister, Anabel Shaw, Orson Wells and other top movie stars from the era. Film Noir and Drama abounds.

Pay $3 once and the channel is yours, it's not a subscription. Seriously, we're not going to ask for more money later. It's $3 and that's it. (What a deal! What can you get for $3 these days?).

Did I mention that it's only $3? 3 Dollars.

"Drive-In Classics"

Here is a chance to see all of the movies that you missed when you were doing other things at the drive-in (we mean playing on the swing-set below the screen or the line at the concession booth, not the make out stuff).

Watch classic horror and Sci-Fi while you pretend you are in the backseat of mom's station wagon, if you want, whatever, we don't mind.

Get the popcorn ready because there are some zombies, space aliens, and classic spooky guys waiting for you here. All with a press of your remote.

Lots of movies hand picked as the best of the era to choose from with new selections added each week.

Examples include Night of the Living Dead, Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Last Man on Earth, Carnival of Souls, Dead People, Nosferatu, and others.

Its only a one time payment of $3 and you dont have to sneak in all of your friends in the trunk of your car.
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Re: Two new channels in the "Channel Store"

Very enterprising and nice graphics. On going back up the tree I passed the "congratulations, your now registered" page again which probably shouldn't happen. Also, having the films alphabetically displayed would be great.
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Re: Two new channels in the "Channel Store"

Nice, although I accidentally used the wrong credit card when signing up and screwed myself up. Didn't see to be an obvious way to contact customer support. Will these channels be adding more content?

I'd like to see a Classic Cartoon channel. My wife and I enjoy watching old Cary Grant movies and that kind of thing if you wanted to add a channel with that kind of content we'd sign-up too.
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Re: Two new channels in the "Channel Store"

I think some of that is on Pod tv
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Re: Two new channels in the "Channel Store"

I love old movies and would happily pay to have access to some classics via the roku. But all of these listed movies are in the public domain and can be legally downloaded for free. Not sure I see the point in paying $3 for the service unless there is access to some classics that aren't already in the public domain.

For those who want to access these films on the ROKU, you can find them pretty easily doing a search on MediFly.
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