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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Timestamp in milliseconds

Please see the info that I provided above. 

The point is that to avoid overflow the calculations need to be made with LongInteger values rather than Integer values.

In a calculation with 2 Integer values (+, -, *, /, \, Mod) the result will also be an Integer value.

However if one or both of the values is a LongInteger, the calculation and value will be a LongInteger value.

totalMilliSeconds = (seconds * 1000) + milliSecondsPart

^ This calculation is done with all Integer (32-bit) values, so will overflow with large values.

totalMilliSeconds = (seconds * 1000&) + milliSecondsPart

If you do this instead, the "1000&" denotes a LongInteger (64-bit) constant, which promotes the calculation to be done in that extended range, so it should not overflow.

Hope that helps!

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