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The Truth About Roku Support

First it is impossible to talk to an American person. Second the support has NO CLUE what they are doing. Warning to developers...if ROKU did not pay you for your subscription forget about them letting you know....and they don't contact you back when you ask about it. Third...DO NOT CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS...even though Roku gives you the option of updating your email address it confuses them to the point they have no idea what to messes with payment and every aspect. Roku owes me money, support has no idea what to do about it...the keep escalating the call but no one ever has a clue....Roku seems to be clueless on how to do business properly. If I ever ignored my customers or did not pay my vendors they would leave.
Dear ROKU, You have been around for a while now. You would think you know how to run a business don't. Other services like your are light years away from you....we are starting to migrate to these places and will leave Roku behind.
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Binge Watcher

Re: The Truth About Roku Support

Send an email to developer(at) I haven't had one from you since 10/2015 - I can talk directly with the finance team if necessary to sort out what is going on.

- Joel
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