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Suitest - Announcing support for Roku devices

Hello Roku devs,

We at Suitest are glad to announce that we have added the support for Roku devices to our test automation solution.

What does the mean for developers?
Easily create End-to-End test automation scenarios on all Roku devices with Roku version 7.5 or higher. Suitest is designed to be easy to use by testers, managers, and programmers equally. Use the intuitive codeless test editor or use our API to comfortably create test scenarios. 

If you are interested in learning more check our websitetry Suitest for free. 

About Suitest
Suitest is the first and only object-based, codeless test automation and debugging tool for OTT apps. Our revolutionary technology allows for automating test scenarios on real retail living-room devices. Automation is the key to scaling and maintaining the continuous quality of your OTT app. Suitest's approach to automation eliminates repetitive manual efforts. Instantly become a test automation expert with the Test Editor or by using APIs to integrate with an existing suite. Intuitive test authoring features and effortless execution across hundreds of local and remote devices enable QA teams of all sizes to dramatically improve their testing efficiency, coverage, and feedback time.
Easy test automation on living room devices -
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