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Sonos arc, Projector & Roku ultra using HD Fury Arcana


I have the following set up.

I use Roku Ultra 2022 and I have Epson 4k Projector with Sonos arc sound bar.

So I  using HDFury Arcana device to split audio and video. The whole setup works perfect. I am able to see 4k Dolby vision videos through my Projector and I also can get dolby atmos sound through sonos arc sound bar.

Here is my problem. I can not use the volume using Roku ultra remote to operate sonos arc volume. 

Now this problem actually just started about 3 weeks ago when sonos arc released its newer update. Before that it use to work just fine. So i was able to use roku ultra remote before 3 weeks to adjust volume for sonos arc.  But after this new update by sonos I can not use roku ultra remote to adjust volume of sonos arc. 

I did called sonos customer service for this problem and they said that when roku ultra will release their update in nearby future then hopefully this problem might resolved by itself. So can roku developers please answer my question that is that sounds right? Will there be upcoming update that will solve this problem?

I also wanted to let you know that i bought new apple tv just to check if this problem is also happening with other streaming platforms but with apple tv 4k streaming player the volume button just works fine. I did confirm that i can control volume using apple tv remote.

However i am not a huge fan of apple tv. And i love to use roku but at the same time it is so annoying to open sonos app in my phone everytime to increase or decrease the volume.  

So Roku please help me here.

I will wait for your reply and if someone would like to contact me for further questions my email address is 


Thank you.

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