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Level 7

Sitcoms from 80's,90, and 2000's

Can any one create an app with sitcoms from the 80's to 2000's? I'm tired of seeing a million classic old old sitcom apps. If I knew how to do it, I would fast. 

Shows like Still Standing, Designing Women, Animal Practice, etc. Comedies you find on youtube, but not Prime or Netflix. There are so many you don't find on those services. Imdb has quite a few. But, Roku doesn't have their app.

I'm sure I'm not alone wanting to watch recently classic sitcoms.

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Level 7

Re: Sitcoms from 80's,90, and 2000's

Three's Company, Happy Days, Cheers, Taxi, MASH, Gillian's Island, Fantasy Island, Laverne & Shirley,

70's 80's 90's

Give the Generation Xers some channels man!

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Level 13

Re: Sitcoms from 80's,90, and 2000's

There's licensing & copyright issues to all this, not just building a channel. Chances are various studios own the rights to alot of these, and unfortunately those agreements are spread out thru various channels such as Netflix, Roku Channel, Peacock as well as probably some more standard cable channels (TBS, TVLand?)


Its a good idea it's just there's alot more to it.

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