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Setting backgroundColor transparent in Sideloaded Captions


I am making a private channel in which movies are captioned via a sideloaded SMPTE-TT file like this. I have found by experiments with my Roku channel that I can vary the captions' text color by changing a parameter (tts:color="red", or whatever) in the two places it occurs in the file's preamble.

I would like to make the captions' background color transparent. I have tried adding tts:backgroundColor="transparent" [ and also tts:backgroundColor="off" and tts:backgroundColor="rgba(0,0,0,0)"] in two places in the preamble. I have also tried adding these text strings as a style override to a span inside one caption line. None has worked: the captions' background color remains black with an opacity of [it looks like maybe about] 80%.

In Roku's Home > Settings > Captions, I have Mode = On and all other parameters set to default. If I set Background Opacity to Off, then I get what I want. My problem is that I would like to control that feature from the sideloaded captions file, if the viewer will permit.

Below I have put the preamble for the file in case it will prompt a suggestion.

Any ideas?


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<tt xml:lang="en">
<style xml:id="basic"
<region xml:id="centerleft"
ttsSmiley Surprisedrigin="50%"
ttsSmiley Tongueadding="0 0 1c 0"
<p style="basic"
I Know What I Saw

[...snip...(about 5000 lines)...]

<p style="basic"
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Re: Setting backgroundColor transparent in Sideloaded Captio

My apology for breaking the link to the full text of my sideloaded SMPTE-TT file after posting the question. If you tried to look at it and got a 404, my apology. It's fixed now.

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