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SetDestinationRect negative positioning


Is it real set playing rectangle to negative position numbers?
I use SetDestinationRect function (

m.player.SetDestinationRect(-10, 0,1280,720)

When setting these values (negative) picture behaves very strangely. First of all it moves right, like on the picture below:

Then, when i try increase negative value, for ex:
m.player.SetDestinationRect(-11, 0,1280,720)

m.player.SetDestinationRect(-12, 0,1280,720)

m.player.SetDestinationRect(-100, 0,1280,720)

m.player.SetDestinationRect(-200, 0,1280,720)

it starts moving to the left, like this:

After a certain value, picture disappears, shifted very far to the right, i suppose.

Also i suppose, that shift by axis 'y' works similarly.

Can someone explain how works mechanism of the displaying picture?

P.S. What i want to do:

Increase picture (by zooming), shift its position and to crop by the top and bottom.

Sincerely, Sergey Shoshin, software developer.
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Level 7

Re: SetDestinationRect negative positioning

I have the same issue
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Level 7

Re: SetDestinationRect negative positioning

Having the same issue. Is it a Roku firmware bug? Is it likely to be fixed .
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