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SceneGraph required for game certification?

Are games required to use SceneGraph in order to be certified? The "Certification Criteria" page states:

"All publishers are required to maintain a version of the channel that utilizes Roku SceneGraph for its visual elements."

But it seems like there is some critical game-specific functionality that's only available with roScreen and the Draw2D functionality, which the documentation seems to want you to replace with SceneGraph equivalents (as described in "Transitioning to SceneGraph"). But even the "SceneGraph core concepts" documentation shows games still using roScreen in the "Game scripts" section of the "Event loops" page, so is that still allowed for something hoping to be certified?

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Roku Guru

Re: SceneGraph required for game certification?

Games can still use roScreen and draw2d functions.  

Roku Guru

Re: SceneGraph required for game certification?

Games represent such a minuscule percentage of Roku channels that, even though half the rules don't apply to games, Roku doesn't bother to clearly say that anywhere.

Another example, if you rate a game with a low rating, there is no feedback option that makes any sense for a game - they are video channel type things, such as "poor video quality".

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