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Scene Graph Architecture


I was hoping to find some guidance with the components of a Scene Graph application. Specifically, I’m working on design patterns and file structure inside of the scene graph components directory.

I’m working / thinking about best way to approach separation of concerns and good design patterns. Looking at some SG examples, I follow along with putting BRS and XML files in the Components directory, but was wondering if it’s possible to reference / include other *.brs files from a single XML or *.brs file ?

I can’t find any examples that use sub directories inside the components directory for things like Models, Services, and Utilities?

Would it be better to have these directories on the same level as the components directory?

Or would it be better to have them inside of the components directory?

Is it possible / recommended to organize project files in this way or is their a better / simpler way to accomplish this task ?

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Level 7

Re: Scene Graph Architecture

Take a look:

Guide was updated recently and roku added two good examples. It might be the best start point! I was looking something like this when start with Graph Api.
Sincerely, Sergey Shoshin, software developer.
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