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I'm a Developer,

I published a channel on Roku years ago, but recently (something appears to be broken in the Roku Bill pay system.)

In my email I get a "Subscription Confirmation" every day for the same Channel.  I should only have received (1) message when I first added the channel.  But no, I get the same reminder in my email every day.  

My concern is for my customers of the Channel that I have published.  I don't want my customers to be getting this emails.  They should get only (1) email after they add a Subscription channel. 

Note that I use Roku's bill pay system, the SDK built channel is a tier 1, monthly 99 cent charge.

I have no way of knowing if my customers are getting repeat emails...But when I look in my Developer Dashboard, I see more cancelations than normal lately.

Could Roku please look into this issue for me?  

1) Are my customers getting repeat emails?  

If so..

2) Can Roku put a stop to the repeat emails?

Developer: Apple Pie Films, Channel: Space TV

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