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SOLVED -Removing the star rating from the video details page

SOLVED - Backrgound...I am using the VideoPlayer example/theme from the SDK to create my Channel.

JT was kind enough to try and help me solve this, and I am not knocking him, but the solution broke the channel. I think we were making changes to the wrong .brs file. He suggested the issue is on the appPosterScreen.brs, but I think the .brs controlling the page in question is controlled by the showFeed.brs. Not Jt's fault if that is the case, I was less than clear about what I was trying to change.

I tried monkeying around with the code that looked like it might control no affect.

item.StarRating = "100"

I tried changing the rating to zero..I tried commenting it out. Both just left the star ratings there, but grey. I want to remove the rating altogether.

Can somebody help?

Picture of what I am trying to remove...

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Re: Removing the star rating from the video details page

Oops, sorry about that. :oops: I really should have tested that change; it's in the wrong file. It goes in appDetailScreen.brs. If the example hasn't changed since I downloaded it, it goes near the top:
Function preShowDetailScreen(breadA=invalid, breadB=invalid) As Object
screen = CreateObject("roSpringboardScreen")
if breadA<>invalid and breadB<>invalid then
screen.SetBreadcrumbText(breadA, breadB)
end if

screen.SetStaticRatingEnabled(false) ' <------- ADD THIS LINE
return screen
End Function

If you haven't already, remove the line from the other file. It will cause a crash. :mrgreen:

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Level 8

Re: Removing the star rating from the video details page works! You rock JT!

2 days of work and I think I am ready to package and upload my first "private" roku channel. I am actually really happy with the way the "channel" itself looks and feels. This was the finishing touch I needed.

Have a couple things to figure out still, but I think all of the immediate stuff I need to do is all in the XML files I host on my own server.

Still to do...near to immediate future.

1. figure out how to package and submit this to roku (looks like there are lots of how tos on this already)
2. figure out how to play intro and exit videos like HBO go does. I am hoping I just put them right after the existing .mp4 file in the video.
3. Keep adding content. Lots and lots of content.

Still to do...after some beta testing and confirming this will work once I go live and that people will actually download and keep this channel.

1. Figure out how to add professional ads that will actually earn some money to pay for this project and keep the lights on.
2. Figure out how to let people order physical products in one section of the channel without them having to go online and go to our website.
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