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SG launch screensaver resolved

I'm working on a modified Hero-Grid Example.
I have an animated screen I want to use as a screensaver. I can launch it at the HeroScreen with a remote key, so it works.
Screensavers are launched from the RunScreensaver() function, and adding this to Main.brs does trigger the system screensaver call but I can't find an example of how to run a screen from there. 
I'm under the impression that i should have one scene and many screens. Exception here?

ETA: Going with a new scene seems to work. 
Sub Runscreensaver()

while true

msg=wait(0, m.port)
if msg<>invalid
if msgType="roSGScreenEvent"
  ? "screensaver"
  if msg.isScreenClosed() 
  end if
  end if
end if

end while

end sub
Kinetics Screensavers
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