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Rowlist does not render reliably


I am wrangling with a RowList project that isn't making much sense to me. In fact, I can divide it into two issues.

First, note that I have approximately 25 rows with a total of 150-200 items. Nothing crazy.

Sometimes, though, when I add some content nodes from the rowlist to a buttonlist, they disappear from the rowlist. But not always. (Here, "disappear" means that they were completely removed. Not just transparent.)

Also, sometimes I will add items from the rowlist to the top of the rowlist, but with some modifications to change the design. When I scroll to the original items, some of them now have those same rendering changes for no apparent reason.

I'm toying with a couple of theories. One, this number of elements is just too high for the roku to handle. This seems absurd. Two, I'm wondering if the RowList or Roku internally addresses the contentTypes by ID or URI or something, so that when it sees two copies, it overwrites both rendering instances.

Finally, I want to note that when I print to 8085 the status of the contentNodes, they report having data that matches what I want to see, but not what the RowList shows. Therefore, the data seems intact but the RowList is incapable of rendering it properly.

In sum, I hope that this is some oversight on how to use the RowList properly and not some firmware shortcoming. Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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