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Roku Live Stream from Wowza Server

I have set up Wowza as described and have been using it for moble streaming for several months. I can stream to mobile devices such as the iPhone, Androids, ect. But, following the directions for Roku, I cannot get the private channel to work. On the Wowza instructions, it says to uncomment the following:

' Big Buck Bunny test stream from Wowza
urls = [""]
qualities = ["SD"]
streamformat = "hls"
title = "Big Buck Bunny"

However, the Url is a on-demand link and I am trying to stream a live video stream using Wirecast to encode (same system that streams our iPhone live stream). For the URL I have tried:

and ... ylist.m3u8

(server name changed for security)

Are these correct? If so, what else could be the issue. I have read the Wowza guide instructions and the Roku Encoder Guide

Any direction is appreciated.
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Re: Roku Live Stream from Wowza Server

With HLS, it doesn't really matter if the source is live or on-demand, as far as playback is concerned, as long as there are a sufficient number of segments present in the M3U8.

We probably need more details to figure out what the issue is. Which SDK example are you using? Does the video start to buffer then fail? Are there any error messages, either on-screen or in the debugger? Are you able to view the BigBuckBunny stream?
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