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Roku App Automation testing tools

Hi, I am trying to find out if anyone uses any particular test automation tools for their roku development/testing?

I am new to this and just in the process of going through the dev guides etc to get things setup. From this discussion I am hoping to find out if there's currently any automation framework suggestions and if anyone is currently doing some automated testing during their development. Any response will be much appreciated or blog suggestions i could look into.

Also i'd like to know if its possible to simulate the roku box on a desktop or is the only way of testing the app by loading it on the box?

Many Thanks in advance
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Binge Watcher

Re: Roku App Automation testing tools

I think most people don't use automated testing tools, however, I think that GandK may have some useful tools in LibRokuDev. The Evaluate and Run functions can be used for testing purposes.

Here's a thread on testing frameworks:

The only way to test a channel is to load it on the box.

- Joel
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Re: Roku App Automation testing tools

Yeah, we implement a TAP library for testing, and used it for some of the other tools.

For example: see which is rdTAP testing itself, and which is rdTAP testing rdClass.
-- GandK Labs
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