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Roku 2 + OS 7 = Horrible performance

Admittedly I've been out of the Roku dev circle for a bit, so my apologies if any of this has been discussed. I haven't been able to find it. Feel free to point me to any other discussions.

I have an channel that hasn't been touched since pre-OS 7. I've heard from a few users of Roku 2s now that after the update to OS 7 the channel stop being performant enough for the roAudioPlayer component to successfully play audio.

I was able to reproduce this by grabbing my Roku 2, launching my channel, verifying it worked, and then updating to 7. Then launching the same channel shows the problems people are reporting. Post 7 the channel is terribly unresponsive.

Can anybody point me to what may be the issue with 7? Are Roku 2s just not compatible? What would cause constant buffering of roAudioPlayer audio?
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Re: Roku 2 + OS 7 = Horrible performance

I pulled the correlation between when people started getting Roku OS 7 installed and when track playback rates started to go down.

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