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Level 8

Reposting tweaked example code

For the Roku Development Team.

I have been tweaking the various examples to the sourcefiles that were provided in the SDK. I have also been annotating the code with extra comments to help keep track of what I am doing and how all the code works together.

For a non-commercial use in the local streaming development would it be permissiable to use that code and to post links to the altered code on this board for the others to learn from?

If so, what notation would should be included or retained in the files to indicate the Roku Development Team rights to the original code.

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Level 9

Re: Reposting tweaked example code

I hope so. I want to learn how to use the SDK, but so far have only managed to do minor tweaking. I'd love to see more comments to help me understand exactly what's going on.
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