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Replacing a Preexisting Channel Name


My client has a preexisting channel built by another developer. We want to submit a new app to be published, but we cannot have duplicate names.

Is there anyway to switch Channel Names once the the new Channel gets approved? My client owns all the content.


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Re: Replacing a Preexisting Channel Name

Reading between the lines, it would seem there is "bad blood" between your client (A) and a previous developer (B)? In which B controls the previous channel and will not surrender the name - but A claims rights over it? Does not sound like something the Co will be interested in being involved as arbiter but let's see.

If things are really bad, i assume your client can submit a DMCA copyright claim - but be ready with proof and if the other side answers with a DMCA counter-claim, A should escalate with a lawsuit against B - or RokuCo cannot keep a channel down on mere claims (legally anyway).

If B is cooperative though, name switch should be easy - or B can even arrange all old installs to switch to the new app.
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