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Public Channels changed to Private Channels by Roku

Hi everyone, I have a unique situation. We have several channels that contain more mature programs (Grindhouse Grit, Girls Guns Gore, and More). they have always been public channels. Roku did ask us to be sure to mark them as Mature a few years ago. we quickly complied. All of a sudden grindhouse Grit has been changed to a Private Channel. Girls Guns Gore and More was submitted as a public channel but now in the queue, it is listed as non-public? Is this something we are doing wrong? I can not imagine Roku would change us to private without a notice. Our ad revenues are greatly affected of course so we need help figuring this out! 

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Re: Public Channels changed to Private Channels by Roku

Roku is considered very family friendly. Anything questionable is either dropped or is in the private sector away from the public. If someone wants those channels, Adult, etc then they have to go and add them from a code.  Roku has gotten very picky on material  the past few years. Unlicensed material (gray market/pirated) is constantly looked at and often is dropped. Since Roku does not allow a browser, there is no way to add anything they do not like. You are better off to set it up on a Android Box or Fire TV.

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