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Playready drm multikey support on Roku Streaming Stick +

When attempting Playready multikey content (content where the audio and video are encrypted with a different key) playback on Roku Streaming Stick +, the video plays but with no audio.
After digging into the details of the requests being made from the device to the license server, I found that only the request for the video key is being made, but the request for the audio key isn't.

The device info states that it supports multikey:

device = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo")
data = device.GetDrmInfoEx()
print data.PlayReady

multikey: true
securestop: true
tee: true
version: "3.3"

However the device is acting like it doesn't because it isn't making the request for the second key.

I have tested this with my own channel and the Roku stream tester channel, seen the same results for both.
I can provide the content details on request to test the issue.
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