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Playready DRM strams on certain devices stop streaming

we have a setup to use HLS and Playready for streaming. However, we have found an issue on the support for certain devices.
Using the Roku Stream Tester as well as our own implementation, on certain Roku devices the streams are starting to play, then after a very short time (1-2 sec) an error ignored (-6) is shown.
From our testing we have seen the issue on these devices:
Roku Ultra(4660X) 
Roku Ultra (4660X2)
Roku Stick(3810X )
Roku Streaming Stick (3800X)
These devices are confirmed to work:
Roku Ultra(4640X)
Roku Premiere (4620X)
Roku Stick (3600X)
We have the assumption that it might be in relation to playready 3, but for some MSTAR devices the streaming is working. There could be a relation with the OS also.
All devices are running OS 8.1.0, the working ones mainly with build 4145-29, the not working ones have build 4145-55 with some exceptions.

Is there any advice here?

Thank you!!!!
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