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Package Update Issue - App wants to re register again why?

Guys, Any one knows the answer plz help me as I dont know where am I going wrong on this.
I am trying to roll out the new look for my old package. I created a test vanity name and put the old package there, Registered it and it was up and running so I tried to roll out the new updated package using the same test vanity name and package was uploaded and all seemed to be fine because after doing the UPDATE/CHECK Now , it should package name was updated but except when clicking on the same icon it wants to re register all over again. What did I do wrong. I like to find the answer to this so I can roll out the new package look to the actual vanity name but I know as soon as I do it, all previous users need to re register and its going to be a nightmare.

I was trying to upgrade my app so It can preform better. Well all works fine but one issue. When I try to upgrade my package using the same vanity name and upload the new version and after going to system and check now for the update the newly update app kicks in just fine but wants to re register again and prompts for the code again. What am I doing wrong?.
Does this have anything to do with channel versioning.
Lets say if my original app was uploaded and is called ACME and channel version is 1.5 and minimum version is V 4.1b.88 and now I just made small changes such as new PNG pictures for the splash screen and uploaded it using the same 1.5 and 4.1b.88 why is it is asking to re register again. This is suppose to be a simple update and not reinstalling the whole thing all over again.

I know it shouldnt be that way, Please tell me if I am doing anything wrong here or should I change some numbers in the channel versioning so It keeps the same app but only updates the changes rather than RE Registering.

Please help. Thanks
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Re: Package Update Issue - App wants to re register again wh

First of all, this belongs in the Developer Forum: viewforum.php?f=34

Second, it's most likely because you signed the new package with a different key. Values stored in the registry can only be accessed by channels signed with the same key, so if you generated a new key, instead of using the original key, that's the problem.
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